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It’s not what you do that’s valuable or attractive to others.

It’s your core essence, your presence.

Every Woman has a Unique Core Feminine Essence.

And every woman has an innate way of being and leading in the world.

Movement is Medicine that creates Magnetism and Power.

Your Womb-Space is for more than just birthing Humans.

And when you come home to your core essence, you can start to live the life you actually want.

Let me be a guide on your journey

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 I work with women all over the world who


1) Are natural and emerging leaders who feel called to a higher calling in this lifetime to make a positive

impact in this world,  but you keep getting stuck behind fear, self doubt, comparison, jealousy, and self judgement.


2) Are diminishing their presence and power when they walk on the earth and interact with others about their work and desires: you feel yourself doing it, but you don’t know how to shift it.

3) Feel disconnected from their sense of femininity, your body and sexuality as well as a sense of depth and intimacy in your relationships with men and women; you know deep connection is possible but you just can’t get it.

If you are searching for answers to questions about your

life purpose

the message you have to share in your business

why you’re not attracting the kind of man you want

how to get out of depression caused by self doubt and unworthiness

how to get past your fears

 I can help you.


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We work from the inside out. We help get you out of confusion and self criticism and into confidence, sensual freedom, and magnetism so that you can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, move forward into your life path, and create more fulfilling relationships. 

Lauren is the real deal, a magician who will unearth and expand your most sumptuous and feminine self.

Maddy Vertenten

Speaker and USANA gold Director, Vibrant One

imageClasses Tuesdays 10:30am-11:45am @ Alchemy of Movement Studio in Boulder, Co

Private and Semi Private MOVEMENT MEDICINE sessions 

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